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Our location: Omis

The city of Omis

The 15.000 residents’ strong town Omiš lies in the South of Croatia; directly at the mouth of the river Cetina. To the nearest major city Split, you can went by car, bus or by speed boat. The city Omiš lives nowadays almost exclusively from tourism. Here is the historical past as a former pirate stronghold a benefit. In addition to two fortresses, the historic city center offers one of the oldest Croatian churches from the 10th century. Every year a staging of a historic battle between the Venetian and the pirate fleet takes place directly in the city’s harbor. For this necessary vessels and actor are provided by locals. They play both defenders and attackers. To see the annual spectacle over 10.000 visitors travel for this one night into the town.
Located directly on the sea, Omiš has its own port, as well as a unique about 800m long sand and fine gravel beach. The hinterland is also surprising by green meadows and fertile valleys. The landscape offers breathtaking viewpoints, which can be reached by racing and mountain bike. Furthermore the huge river Cetina invites to rafting and canyoning. The force of the river formed a ravine, which offers the best conditions for Zip-lining.


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